Barbell Shrugged X NASA

How NASA is Building Strength to Get Astronauts to Mars: Part 2

  • Lauren Wallace
  • January - March 2021
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The Mission.

Stepping out from a tiny capsule and into infinite space is heroic.

But like with any hero, Astronauts train for the big moment every day, honing both their physical abilities as well as their mental fortitude. As our bucket-list tour of NASA concludes, there’s still plenty more to get excited about.

With sprint intervals, space suit design, and even under-water training all on the agenda, this show is sure to change the way you look at training, and your universe, forever.


Impressive Result.

NASA Part 2 takes us deeper into the world of human physiology and the rigours placed upon the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Charlotte worked exclusively with the team at NASA to arrange special access at their headquarters in Houston, Texas where the Shrugged crew were shown behind-the-scenes on everything from Flight Command Centre, to engineering developments for the upcoming Mars Mission, and even realtime space-walk simulations in the training pool.

The shoot took place over a long weekend, followed by 8 weeks of  post-production involving extensive archive work and sign-off from the marketing team at NASA.


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