CrossFit Aldgate

Be moved to move.

  • Lauren Wallace
  • January - March 2021
Our Services
  • Strategy, Idea and Concept
  • Video Production and Content
  • Offline / Online Editing
  • Grading and Sound Design
  • Client Testimonials for Social Media

The Mission.

CrossFit Aldgate is a thriving CrossFit box in the heart of the City of London. But how does a fitness space stand out in a city of 8.9 million people?

Watch to find out!


Impressive Result.

Iron Heart Studios was brought on board to tell the story of the beautiful community and their achievements, as a means of conveying the efficacy of the training and the inspiring nature of the skilled trainers at CrossFit Aldgate

Across 1 initial day of shooting, we filmed all the media for the original showreel piece, but were then invited back for several subsequent testimonial shoot with individual members, to shape miniature stories around their experience.

The client has since re-branded as Movement Labs and have invited us back to undertake several other design and video production projects. See portfolio for more.


Let's Work Togehter.

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful or valuable.