Movement Labs Rebrand.

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  • Movement Labs
  • July - Sept 2020
Our Services
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Artwork Creation + Implementation
  • Website Design and Build
  • Online Project Management
  • Photographic Shoots

The Mission.

In 2020 CrossFit Aldgate began the process of rebranding to Movement Labs. After an initial design consultation, IHS was instructed to fully redesign both their online and onsite domains – two fitness spaces and a multi-page website.

Building the concept

Both gyms required individual design features to fit their unique location and services; with entrance way, point of sale, changing rooms and rig/equipment areas created under the new re-branded ‘look’. The choice was taken to build out similar designs for both, with City becoming the photo negative of the East gym.

The online rebrand required a multi-page website housing the clients bookings platform and information on all levels of service from specialist training courses to nutrition, recovery protocols and 1-2-1 rehab guidance. The site required a simple but elegant design that emulated the sense of fun and community within their physical gyms.

"Charlotte provided us with a huge amount of creative collateral, from an epic design for both venues, a bank of images to celebrate our community and a sexy new online presence."

Adam Bailey - Founder of Movement Labs

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